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AGNW cares for the environment, the economy and our community. Its practises align with the 3 pillars of sustainable practises. 

Environmental pillar: It was previously known as the primary reason for sustainability. It continues to play a major role and has been further integrated into the corporate environment.

     - We recycle, reuse and purchase locally sourced materials and post-consumer         products.

      -We do our shipping and driving by saving energy with the least

       environmental impact.

      -We have a company group that implements "best practices" for company

       employees and contractors.

Economic pillar: The economic pillar has the most innovative potential to combine sustainable practices, technology, and money-making tools.

      -We prove reasonable fees for all client types, whether an individual or a large         corporation. 

      -We do pro-bono work for non- and not-for profit organizations.

      -We use up to day technology and best practices to reduce time and waste. 

Social pillar: The social pillar is focused on health, wellness, and education of the people with the quality of life as one of the major priorities.

      -We hire, contract and employ Veterans, women and minorities so they can

       learn and gain career advancement in the Valuation Industry. 

      -We do community service work with military Veterans groups, such as Marine        Corp League, Wounded Warrior Project and 40 & 8.

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